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An exceptional experience every time.

At Avenue 8 Events, we are here to guide you through the entire wedding and event planning process.  We will plan, design, coordinate and manage your event from inception to completion, helping you with selections and advocating on your behalf when needed.  We will be professional, patient and available.  But most importantly, we are going to have fun!  Hear what some of our amazing clients had to say about their experience with us.

We are so in love with our amazing wedding planner.  I mean seriously, this night could not have been more perfect and largely in part yo her dedication and perfection.  Debra, you not only were such a huge part of planning this wedding, but you have also become a friend and part of our new, little McDowell family.  Thank you for EVERYTHING you did to make this day happen!

Kassandra & Joel

(July 3rd, 2016)

I met Mrs. Gordon (as I affectionately call her) a few years ago while I was planning an event and I must say, she grew on me.  I called her in January with our 6 year anniversary being in July and told her I wanted to do my wedding/vow renewal in Jamaica (in 7 months).  I didn't make it easy and she didn't resist.  I say all this to say Mrs. Gordon is very professional and has years and I mean years of experience.  She listens and works very hard to bring your dreams to reality, literally,  I can't thank you enough Debra, for making our day magical.

Andrea & Michael 

(July 13th, 2019)

Debra you are more than our planner; I have no words. I can’t thank you enough.  You are the best planner in the world.  You did everything.  I couldn’t have done this without you.  Brides, you may think you can plan and execute, but I can tell you @avenue8events is the BEST decision during this planning process.  Your big day goes by fast and Debra was there to fix all the mishaps.  Debra, you made this experience so beautiful for us.  We love and adore you and your beautiful family.  Debra you took charge and made our day flawless.  You were sent from God.  Words really can’t explain how hard you worked for us.  We are so happy with the outcome.

Kadianne & Duane

(February 24th, 2019)

Debra is a pleasure to work with! Her enthusiasm for her craft and attention to detail is unmatched. She talked through my ideas with me and helped to solidify my vision. Bottom line, if you need that little extra something for your event Debra should be your

go-to lady.

Kayla & Scott

(February 20th, 2016)

Debra was our wedding planner and from the initial onset, we felt so comfortable with her. She speaks with a level of confidence and her knowledge in the industry was instantly recognized. She led us through the entire process and helped us in selecting all our vendors. She was phenomenal, as she served as an advocate for us in many ways.  She ensured we received optimal value from each of our vendors even spoke up for me in times where I wasn't strong enough to voice my opinion. At the end of the day, she worked hard for us to ensure our wedding was

a success.

Petrina & Kevin

(August 7th, 2016)

Debra was absolutely fantastic to work with - she made us feel at ease from the very beginning. Debra was our planner and we love her dearly! She worked tirelessly to make our special day the best it could be and she even sewed my husband's tux pants during our reception after he split them while dancing. The level of professionalism, knowledge and kindness that she exuded did not go unnoticed. I wish we could get married a thousand times over again. If you are considering getting married hire Debra, do it. You will NOT be disappointed!

Samantha & Scott

(May 29th, 2016)

Let’s talk about a perfectionist filled with personality.  Meet Debra, our wedding planner, friend and the most organized drill sergeant on earth.  She is, hands-down, amazing!  She took our dreams and made it a reality.  Not many persons can please our taste or meet our expectations, but she listened and executed to the T.  All i’s were dotted and t’s crossed.  Debra, you are the best kept secret and we endorse you and your business.  Thank you for all your hard work!

Alecia & Raveen

(June 1st, 2019)

From day 1 of planning, till it was down to the final hour. everything ran smoothly. And believe me it could have been a disaster because our wedding date was October 7th, 2016 and we were in a state of emergency because of the hurricane; so both my husband and I were nervous as to what was going to happen.  But thanks to Debra, who reassured us every step of the way and answered all of our questions and arranged everything for us, we had our wedding on October 7th.......AND, Everything was perfect!

Toni & Damien

(October 7th, 2016)

I had a wonderful experience planning my wedding with Debra. Having to plan a wedding from far away wasn't an easy task and Debra always made sure things were taken care of. She was there to calm me down when I got too stressed or anxious. The day of the wedding, she went above and 
beyond and made sure things ran smoothly. We are beyond thankful for her help and definitely 
recommend her for any event.

Laura & Mark

(March 25th, 2016)

From the moment we first met Debra, we felt that she really cared about us and would do her best to ensure that our wedding would be all that we wished for, and more.  Debra patiently put up with all our questions, anxieties (and mind changes) during the months of planning, and often gave us the encouragement we needed to go on when we felt overwhelmed enough to cancel the affair.  Debra handled everything personally and professionally and we feel like we have formed a real bond with her.  We cannot thank her enough for all she did to make our day so special! 

Wendy & Colin

(July 11th, 2004)

We don't just plan weddings, we build relationships.

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